START GOFC-GOLD Summit in Tbilisi Looks at Strengthening Regional Information and Knowledge Networks
September 18, 2017

Leaders of Global Observation of Forest Cover and Land Dynamics (GOFC GOLD) regional networks convened in Tbilisi, Georgia, during September 13-16 for the 2017 GOFC-GOLD Regional Network Summit. The Summit assessed past performance of regional networks and their future direction – it also provided an opportunity for cross-network learning and knowledge sharing. It was also attended by GOFC-GOLD Executive Committee members and other partners.

The meeting brought together 45 participants from 20 countries from Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern and Southern Europe and the United States. Mr Nodar Khatishvili, Deputy Director of the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture of Georgia, opened the meeting. The Georgean Ministries of Environment, Agriculture and the National Public Registry Agency were also represented. The Summit included presentations by regional network members, facilitated discussions as well as field trips.

The Summit was preceded by a two-day kickoff meeting launching the Caucasus Regional Network (CaucRiN).

GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks are a key part of the GOFC GOLD capacity building function. The Networks enable data providers, scientists and operational users to articulate information requirements and improve their access to and use of Earth observations. They represent a critical link between national agencies, user groups and the global user/producer community, and NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) scientists.


Presentations (Meeting Agenda)

Day 1
Opening Session I. Introduction, GOFC-GOLD Overview and Summit Objectives
1 Origins and History of GOFC-GOLD Program – John Townshend (University of Maryland)
2 START GOFC-GOLD Program Update – Cheikh Mbow (START International)
3 Meeting Objectives – Garik Gutman (NASA HQ) and Chris Justice (University of Maryland)
Session II. Regional Network Updates and Recent Accomplishments
4 GOFC-GOLD Networks and Regional Coordination – Reflections: Olga Krankina (Oregon State University (retired); formerly GOFC GOLD Regional Networks Coordinator)
5 SCERIN – Petya Campbell (NASA) and Jana Albrechtova>
6 REDLaTIF – Gerardo Lopez Saldaña and Nicolas Mari
7 SAFNET – Chennay Simms and Wisdom Dilamini
8 SEARRIN – Israr Alabar, Trung Levan, Jiaguo Qi and Krishna Vadrevu
9 MIOMBO – Judith Kamoto and Natasha Ribero
10 OSFAC – Landing Mane and Edweige Effa
11 CARIN – Jiaguo Qi (Michigan State University)
12 CaucRIN: report on the kickoff Meeting – Giorgi Ghambashidze and Volker Radeloff
13 SARIN – J.K.Garg and Krishna Vadrevu
14 MekRIN –Jiaguo Qi (Michigan State University) and Pariwate Varnakovida
15 BARIN – Gregory Taff
16 GOFC-GOLD Program: Priorities and Way forward – Presentation followed by facilitated Discussion with Antony Janetos (GOFC-GOLD Chair, Boston University)



Day 2
Session III. Priorities for GOFC-GOLD Program – Land, Fire and other Themes
1 Fire IT Priorities and RN Opportunities – David Roy (South Dakota State University)
2 Regional Networks Emerging Priorities: Perspectives from START – Cheikh Mbow
3 REDD+ Assessment and reporting – opportunities for GOFC GOLD Regional Networks
Pontus Olofsson (Boston University) and David Skole (Michigan State University)
4 Silvacarbon and GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks Opportunities – Sylvia Wilson (USGS)
5 GISTDA and GOFC-GOLD Collaboration in EOs Trainings and Networks Strengthening – Tanita Suepa
6 Land Cover IT Priorities and RN Opportunities – Martin Herold (Wageningen University) and Pontus Olofsson (Land Cover IT-Co-Chair, Boston U.)
7 Group Discussion: Regional Networks Emerging Priorities – Thematic Breakout Groups (Land, Fire, others)



Day 3
Session IV. Data Initiative and Meeting/Training Activities Coordination among GOFC Networks and Other Global Initiatives
Way Forward for the GOFC-GOLD RN’s – New Opportunities 10-minute
presentations by each RN Lead Perspectives on Way Forward and Next Steps for GOFC
1 SCERIN – Petya Campbell, Jana Albrechtova
2 REDLATIF – Gerardo Saldana, Nicolas Mari
3 SAFNET – Wisdom Dilamini and Chennay Simms
4 SEARRIN – Israr Alabar, Trung Levan, and Krishna Vadrevu
5 MIOMBO – Judith Kamoto and Natasha Ribero
6 OSFAC – Landing Mane and Edweige Effa
7 CARIN – Jiaguo Qi
8 CaucRIN – Giorgi Ghambashidze and Volker Radeloff
9 SARIN – J.K. Garg and Krishna Vadrevu
10 MekRIN – Jiaguo Qi
11 BARIN – Gregory Taff
12 Group Discussion – Way Forward for GOFC Regional Networks Synthesis (Chris Justice)


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