Women in Science
Supporting pathways to success for women scientists
Photo: ASSAR

The under-representation of women in the global scientific system is a widely recognized barrier to more equitable and effective scientific solutions to tackle global challenges. START is working with partners to explore opportunities for enabling and supporting pathways to success for women in science.

Going forward, START envisions to offer a “Women in Science” program focused on leading and learning. The program will bring women together for connection, professional development, and wellbeing related to their scientific careers. Our core belief is that women supporting other women—creating accountability and connection, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating achievements—can be transformational in elevating women’s voices in science.

As a first step towards this vision, START is partnering with the international initiative GenderInSITE to convene a series of online events. These interactive webinars will provide a platform for scientific leaders from across Africa to learn more from one another about what scientific leadership looks like for women in African contexts, and what unique challenges and opportunities are found along pathways to scientific success.

Outcomes and recommendations from these online discussions will inform future programs and capacity development efforts aimed at supporting women in science and nurturing a more well-rounded and equitable scientific system.