Advancing Capacity to support Climate Change Adaptation (ACCCA) Project Brochure

Information on climate risks communicated in clear and relevant terms and through credible sources is essential for mobilizing decision makers across society to take actions that will enhance their capacity and willingness to adapt to climate change. An informed public is better able to begin planning for a likely future of more prevalent and more severe droughts, floods, heavy downpours, and heat waves, and a potentially diminished flow of ecosystem goods and services that support and sustain current livelihoods and national and regional development.

The ACCCA (Advancing Capacity to support Climate Change Adaptation) project was developed to address this critical issue of developing risk communication tools and methods capable of supporting multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder decision making for adaptation in Africa and Asia.

This brochure features climate risk communication methods and tools developed for 5 pilot ACCCA projects in Ghana, Kenya, India, Mongolia and the Philippines.

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