South Central and Eastern European Regional Information Network (SCERIN)


The South, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Information Network (SCERIN) provides a platform for collaboration among regional experts on remote sensing and environment; facilitates progress and consistent implementation of remote sensing methodologies in studying land-cover and land-use change; fosters regional collaboration for monitoring the dynamics, stability, and vulnerability of the major ecosystems in the region; and promotes effective sustainable management and preservation of natural resources at local, regional and pan-European level.

Priorities and accomplishments

SCERIN provides a coordinating mechanism for regional and international activities, information and data exchange, and a framework for long-term monitoring and sustainable management of forests and agricultural land.

SCERIN organizes annual workshops and, when possible, associated training for students and young professionals in collaboration with the Trans-Atlantic Training (TAT, ESA/ NASA) initiative.

SCERIN members collaborate on joint research projects and exchange knowledge, new ideas, methods and techniques. The network facilitates the sharing of information, tools and teaching curricula, and enables short- and long-term exchanges of student and faculty in the region.

The upcoming joint network meeting, postponed to June 2021 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, is being organized in collaboration with the GOFC-GOLD Mediterranean Regional Information Network (MedRIN). The countries represented by the two GOFC-GOLD European regional networks share similar challenges in studying land-cover/use interactions with climate fluctuations under anomalous heat waves, floods and droughts. Their collaboration will bring increased opportunities to strengthen accumulated knowledge and connections in the broader region.


A recent joint paper including contributions from 20+ SCERIN members is an excellent example of collaborative work:

Manakos, I.; Tomaszewska, M.; Gkinis, I.; Brovkina, O.; Filchev, L.; Genc, L.; Gitas, I.; Halabuk, A.; Inalpulat, M.; Irimescu, A.; Jelev, G.; Karantzalos, K.; Katagis, T.; Kupkova, L/; Lavreniuk, M.; Mesaros, M.; Mihailescu, D.; Nita, M.; Rusnak, T.; Stych, P.; Zemek, F.; Albrechtova, A.; Campbell, P.K.E. (2018). Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region. Remote Sens. 2018, Special Issue Remote Sensing for Land Cover/Land Use Mapping at Local and Regional Scales, 10(12), 1967.

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