ProSus #4 – Managing the earth’s resources more sustainably through satellite observations

The fourth issue of START’s ProSus Magazine features the Global Observation of Forest Cover and Land Dynamics (GOFC-GOLD) program.

“This issue of the ProSus Magazine showcases GOFC-GOLD’s legacy around the world, from humid forests in Southeast Asia and Central Africa to fire-dominated landscapes in Africa and Latin America, and more. It brings stories of impact from across the GOFC-GOLD networks, showing how involvement in these networks has allowed scientists to not only increase their skills but also their visibility and connectivity to the global community of land-use change research.” – Jon Padgham, Executive Director, START International

Download the magazine

Flip through the magazine’s pages on Issuu or check out the immersive Spark page version.

Managing the earth's resources more sustainably through satellite observations - ProSus Magazine

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