Strengthening Capacity for Food-Energy-Water Research and Action in Africa
Supporting dialogue, assessment and outreach in Francophone West Africa and North Africa.

Efforts to strengthen food, energy and water security in Africa face important challenges associated with population growth, accelerating urbanization, land-use change and degradation, and a more unstable climate system. A deeper understanding of the linkages between water, food, and energy resources is therefore needed to ensure that these resources are managed sustainably and continue supporting the regions’ development and growth. Identifying appropriate and regionally driven actions will require stronger science-society partnerships that span and integrate sectors and scales and engage diverse institutions and actors.

START is supporting food-energy-water nexus dialogue, assessment and outreach through partnership with the Research Fund of Quebec and the US Global Change Research Program, and Future Earth. The effort, which will begin in early 2018, will engage researchers and networks in Francophone West Africa and North Africa.