START joins the discussion on climate action at #CrossroadsBonn
November 4, 2017

#CrossroadsBonn, “Climate Action and Human Wellbeing at a Crossroads”, gathers high-level thinkers and change makers from around the globe to discuss how global cooperation, mutual respect and support can make sustainability a reality.

On Saturday, November 4, START’s Executive Director Cheikh Mbow joined a panel on building transformative networks. “We are not short of people, we are short of connections,” he stated.

He underlined the importance of building connections between scientists and action takers. Networks and collaboration play a key role in identifying and addressing knowledge gaps – both thematic and geographic, and barriers and opportunities for innovation and ultimately transformation.

Transformative networks mean linking knowledge to action at scale – no institution or group can achieve this alone. Genuine collaboration based on trust, complementarity, equity and mutual accountability is the key to reach sustainability.


START Board member Fatima Denton from UNECA also participated in a discussion on the drivers of energy systems transformation.

Read more on the Conference’s website:, and engage on social media using the #CrossroadsBonn hashtag.

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