Mainstreaming climate change into city development planning in Thailand: Training for municipality officials
January 29, 2020

During 19-20 December 2019, the Southeast Asia START Regional Center (SEA-START) took part in a training workshop aimed at enhancing the capacity of municipality officials in Thailand to mainstream climate change issues into their planning process.

The training, entitled “Climate Resilient City Development Planning”, was attended by about 20 municipality officials from 4 major cities – Chiangmai, Khon Kaen, Samui and Nakorn Ratchasima.

As part of the training SEA-START discussed the need for climate change adaptation and for mainstreaming climate change into city development planning. SEA-START presented key principles that would enhance the resilience of the cities to plausible future climate pressures, made more severe by global warming.

A case study based on previous research was used to enhance participants’ understanding on how the principles and the conceptual framework of climate change adaptation planning may be applied to real life situations.

The workshop was a part of a training program offered by the Climate Change International Technical and Training Center (CITC) of the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) (TGO) in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University.

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