Institutional Strengthening Specialist Position Announcement
March 18, 2022

Job title: Institutional Strengthening Specialist
Length of employment: Two years
Hours: Full-time position
Location: Remote
Salary: Commensurate with level of experience
Application deadline: 29 April 2022

About the position
The Institutional Strengthening Specialist will lead training efforts that strengthen the capacities of universities within the LDC’s University Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC) to advise their national governments through the project Strengthening endogenous capacities of least developed countries to access finance for climate change adaptation. The Institutional Strengthening Specialist will work with START, UNEP and the LUCCC partner universities to lead the design and implementation of institutional strengthening approaches and tools, as described in the responsibilities and duties section below.

About the project
This project is being implemented by the UN Environment Programme and is being executed by START International. The project aims to strengthen individual and institutional capacities of Least Developed Countries to achieve scaled up and effective climate change adaptation by fostering sustained endogenous technical services for project development, policy mainstreaming and the creation of an enabling environment for adaptation to climate change. This objective will be met through capacity development and institutional strengthening activities that increase the ability of LDCs to access international climate finance through greater capacities of universities to deliver technical services for adaptation to climate change (e.g. capacity development, policy research and recommendations, project proposal development, etc.) This project has a two-year duration and began in January 2022. 

Key responsibilities and duties
The Institutional Strengthening Specialist will work on outcomes that center on building the institutional arrangements at LUCCC universities that make them better equipped to advise their respective national governments.  Key responsibilities of this specialist will include:

  1. Provide technical inputs to workplans, reports, and monitoring;
  2. Develop a procedure for conducting policy and institutional mapping for climate change at each LUCCC university involving a review of national policies and strategies related to climate change adaptation.
  3. Formulate and implement government engagement plans with LUCCC points of contacts
  4. Establish collaboration agreements and workplans with government agencies
  5. Formalize institutional and administrative arrangements and standard operating procedures with host universities and establish MoUs with affiliate departments
  6. Conduct validation & baseline surveys and consultation with LUCCC members to determine subject matter and priorities for webinars
  7. Provide mentoring to LUCCC points of contact and other university stakeholders; an
  8. Oversee the formulation and implementation of gender and social inclusion engagement plans with each LUCCC university.

Essential qualifications
• Masters degree in a relevant discipline
• Strong command of written and spoken English
• At least three years post-graduate work experience

Desirable qualifications
A PhD degree in relevant discipline
• Masters degree with more than two years post-graduate work experience
• Working knowledge of French

The ideal candidate will possess the following:
• Five or more years relevant experience in building university and government relationships
• Experience in developing and facilitating training material
• Two or more years relevant experience in coordinating programmes and networks

The ideal candidate will possess in-depth knowledge of the following:
• Project management and cooridnation
• Working in teams and with diverse stakeholders
• Capacity strengthening on climate change adaptation finance

Personal qualities and behavioural traits
The candidate should be able to:
• Self-organise and work with minimal supervision
• Successfully use technology platforms (digital/ virtual/ software/ communication letters)
• Communicate effectively with team members and work as part of a team
• Be comfortable presenting in a formal setting
• Accommodate meetings across various time zones

Application information
Applications are being accepted through 29 April 2022. Your application should include 1) a cover letter describing your qualifications and why you are the ideal candidate for the position, 2) a CV, and 3) a writing sample, and 4) contact information for three references.

Please refer any questions, and send your application material to, Jon Padgham at

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