IAP On Biodiversity and Climate Change: Interlinkages
December 6, 2021

Recently, the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), a global network of science, engineering and medical
academies, released a statement on climate change and biodiversity: interlinkages and policy options
highlighting how policymakers globally can address biodiversity decline and climate change in a
coordinated way. The statement was presented at UN Convention on biodiversity COP15 and
Framework Convention on Climate Change COP26 as voice of world academies on the common
challenges. TEA-START scientist, Professor Gensuo Jia serves as one of 16 working group members that
performed synthesis and wrote the statement.

The statement recognizes that climate change and biodiversity decline are major challenges of our
time, and that they are interlinked and coupled in the Earth system. Options for coordinated actions
exist to address both challenges and benefit in both areas, helping to mitigate and adapt to climate
change as well as conserve and restore biodiversity. Some coordinated policy options are
recommended, such as protecting, restoring and expanding natural ecosystems; enhancing nature-based
climate solutions with better ecosystem services; sustainable land management; climate and
biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices; coordinated climate and biodiversity actions from multiple
sectors, and transboundary joint efforts.

Read the statement: IAP Statement to UNFCCC & CBD

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