Exploring Futures of Urban Transformations in Africa
September 21, 2022

To date, START, in partnership with JPI Urban Europe and ICLEI Africa, has convened two of three interactive virtual workshops with key stakeholders working on issues of urban transitions in Africa. The first workshop, “Pathways towards 15-Minute Cities in African Urban Areas”, was held on 22 September 2021 and aimed at developing visions of how the 15-minute concept could support urban transitions in Africa. Furthermore, it identified emerging needs and requirements for materializing the transformative potential of the concept in different African cities. Discussions also highlighted critical dimensions and barriers that must be addressed and considered. 

Workshop two, “Just Energy Transitions in Africa”, was held on 23 June 2022 and centered on interactive idea exchange with participants around how urban energy transitions in Africa can contribute to just, livable and sustainable futures. These conversations also explored the obstacles and challenges that could be faced while trying to attain those futures. 

Coming up, the final workshop in the series will be held in November 2022 and will focus on exploring the concepts of regenerative urbanism and regenerative neighborhoods in different African contexts. Follow START and our partners on social media and our websites for updates and details! 

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