EPIC Asia-Pacific Position Announcement
April 30, 2021

Job title: EPIC-Asia Network Coordinator
Length of employment: 1 year, with possibility for renewal contingent on available funds
Hours: Half-time position
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Salary: Commensurate with level of experience
Application deadline: 15 May 2021

About the Position
The primary role of the Asia-Pacific Regional Network Coordinator will be to contribute towards the establishment and growth of the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities (EPIC Asia-Pacific) network, and assist the EPIC network leads in the successful coordination and implementation of an EPIC Asia-Pacific strategy.  The Regional Network Coordinator will liaise with EPIC and START to coordinate activities in Asia-Pacific following an Asia-Pacific regional training workshop in May 2021.

About EPIC-N
The Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities – Network (EPIC-N) is a nongovernmental organization nonprofit association with members all over the world. EPIC-N and its members unite the human capital of universities with local governments, and communities, to improve the quality of life and social wealth for all involved. We do so by supporting the application of the EPIC Model.

About the EPIC Model
The EPIC Model provides an innovative way to harness both university and municipal resources to address pressing local community needs related to climate adaptation, resilient development, and economic and social change. The model accomplishes this through fostering collaboration between administrative structures of both universities and local governments that harnesses the power of university students to work together with local community leaders and NGOs to solve real-world problems using transdisciplinary approaches. While the ultimate focus of EPIC is in translating knowledge and skill into policy and practice, the EPIC model simultaneously prepares the next generation workforce through learning-centered approaches that develop practical skills within academic training.

START was founded in 1992 to strengthen capacities for global environmental change science in Africa and Asia that addresses critical sustainability challenges. Our programs and partnerships provide opportunities for training, research, education and networking that strengthen scientific skills and inspire leadership.

Key responsibilities and duties
1. Coordinate network activities
●  Coordinate and support technical guidance to new EPIC partners who are implementing activities in the Asia-Pacific region.
●  Organize, support, and host regular meetings of EPIC Asia-Pacific members, including a monthly network call.
●  Maintain a database of active and interested partners in the EPIC initiative.
●  Identify opportunities in Asia-Pacific for small scale, targeted meetings and strategic partnerships that would advance outreach and learning on the EPIC model.
●  Assist in designing and facilitating a combination of training and capacity development, network building, and cross-learning on science-society engagement.
●  Strengthen research capacities of university students to use transdisciplinary approaches and methods to co-develop practical solutions involving local communities and municipal authorities.
●  Communicate regularly with the core team from EPIC and START.
●  Build relationships with EPIC Secretariat in the U.S. and adopt materials for the region as necessary.
●  Maintain a web and social media presence for EPIC Asia-Pacific to attract and inform further partners.

2. Support the development and implementation of the EPIC Asia network
●  Support the development and implementation of a strategic plan for EPIC Asia-Pacific, including monitoring and reporting for active network partnerships.
●  Conduct a landscape analysis on regional funding opportunities.
●  Support the development of funding proposals to support EPIC Asia-Pacific activities.
●  Lead outreach and provide inputs on activities/outcomes of the EPIC Asia network to external related events and knowledge products.

3. Undertake monitoring, reporting and research activities
●  Conduct a desktop analysis to better understand the Asian education and city landscape in the area of sustainability, including identifying opportunities for EPIC Asia-Pacific that can advance strategic planning.
●  Develop a peer-learning platform on transdisciplinary with START.
●  Compile information for and write an annual report based on activities of EPIC Asia-Pacific.
●  Develop a body of evidence of progress and documents to guide implementation of the EPIC model in Asia-Pacific.
●  Support the development of publications synthesising the learning and action that has emerged in EPIC Asia-Pacific to date.
●  Manage and appropriately store data and information produced by EPIC Asia-Pacific.
●  Manage and update a contact list of active and interested EPIC Asia network members / stakeholders.

Essential qualifications
●  Masters degree in a relevant discipline
●  Strong command of written and spoken English
●  At least two years post-graduate work experience

Desirable qualifications
●  A PhD degree in a relevant discipline
●  Masters degree with more than two years post-graduate work experience
●  Working knowledge of one or more Asian languages /working experience in the Asia-Pacific region

The ideal candidate will possess one or more of the following:
●  Two or more years relevant experience in coordinating programmes
●  Two or more years relevant experience in coordinating networks
●  Experience in presenting programmes and research in national and international forums

The ideal candidate will possess in-depth knowledge of the following:
●  Project management, coordination, and knowledge of robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning plans
●  Working in research teams and with diverse stakeholders
●  Conducting, presenting, and publishing research

Personal Qualities and Behavioural Traits
The candidate should be able to:
●  Self-organise and work with minimal supervision
●  Successfully use technology platforms (digital/ virtual/ software/ communication letters) to build communities across organizations and borders
●  Communicate effectively with team members and work as part of a team
●  Be comfortable presenting in a formal setting

Application information
Applications are being accepted until 15 May 2021. Your application should include 1) a cover  letter describing your qualifications and why you are the ideal candidate for the position, 2) a CV, and 3) a writing sample, and 4) contact information for three references.

Please refer any questions, and send your application material to, Mzime Murisa at mmurisa@start.org

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