Call for applications: CIFOR’s Science Roster
March 30, 2018

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) advances human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research to inform policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries. We are one of 15 CGIAR Consortium research centres. Our headquarters are in Bogor, Indonesia, and we have offices in Asia, Africa and South America.

CIFOR is looking for Scientists, Senior Scientists, and Post Doc Fellows for upcoming positions in the following thematic specializations:
•Environmental Economics/Value Chains,
•Financial Governance,
•Forest Law Enforcement,
•Governance and Trade (FLEGT),
•Land and Forest Tenure Reforms,
•Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Measurement,
•Human Demography/Epidemiology,
•Landscape Ecology,
•Soil Science,
•Environmental History,
•Senior Gender expertise.


No Application deadline.

More information:

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