Call for Abstracts: Special Issue of Urban Climate Journal “Urban Data and Climate Information Services”
June 18, 2018

The Urban Climate journal has issued a call for abstracts for a special issue on Urban Data and Climate Information Services. This Call is being made as a follow up activities from the Cities & Climate Change Science Conference (March 5-7, 2018, Edmonton, Canada).

The abstract is at maximum 400 words (Calibri; 12pt font), and should provide (in this order):

  • Working title of the envisaged article (Calibri; 13pt font; bold)
  • Names and affiliation(s) of the lead author, and of other main authors, incl. emails (you may recruit more authors later on, provided it does not alter nature and orientation of the article)
  • The principal theme(s) and research question(s) to be discussed
  • The approach(es) used
  • The novelty aspects of the envisaged article in relation to the relevant state of the art
  • An explanation of the extent that the findings can contribute to solutions regarding discussed challenges around climate information services for cities
  • An indication whether open access is (1) sure, or (2) unsure, but aspired, or (3) very unlikely

Indicative sub-themes:

  • Identification of needs for climate change information services
  • Creation of urban climate change information services
  • Use of climate change information services in / by cities
  • Governance and economic-regulatory aspects of urban climate information services
  • Research based filling of gaps in urban climate information services
  • Examples of successful application of urban climate information services

Deadline: July 15, 2018

For more information, view the full call for abstracts.

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