Burkina Faso ProGREEN Team meeting at the Institute of Research in Applied Science and Technology in Ouagadougou
May 23, 2019

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Following the ProGREEN inception meeting  held in Dakar in March 2019, the Burkina Faso country team is now transitioning to implementing the assessment work. Since the meeting, the team finalized their action plan and have begun collecting data on current initiatives and governance of solar and bioenergy in Burkina Faso and broader West Africa.

On May 20, 2019, the team members met at the Institute of Research in Applied Science and Technology (IRSAT) to gauge their progress on the data collection. The discussions showed that the work is progressing on track and the dedication of the team is apparent through the detail and relevance of the conversations.

Dr. Nanema, Burkina Faso ProGREEN Country Coordinator recognized the hard work done by the team members and encouraged them to redouble their strong efforts for pursuing the data collection through visits to institutions that have committed complementary data for the success of the team’s findings.  

The team will meet again at end of this month to report on the progress of the synthesis of the data  and to initiate the next step in the action plan, field data collection.

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