Big Earth data project launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
March 19, 2018

In February, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched the big Earth data Science & Engineering (CASEarth) project, which aims at providing new impetus for interdisciplinary, cross-scale, macro-scientific discoveries using big Earth data.

Big Earth data is the collection of huge data-sets derived from sources including satellite observations and ground sensor networks, and can provide a new approach and crucial insights to global change research.

The CASEarth project aims at establishing an International Center for Big Earth Data Science, that will develop a world-class platform to facilitate big Earth data access and sharing, and to showcase as well as spur major breakthroughs in Earth system sciences, life sciences and associated disciplines. Accessible, interactive, macro-level and real-time data will also support decision-making.

The Temperate East Asia Regional Center (TEA-START) is actively involved in the project, with TEA-START scientists involved as principal investigators (PIs) in the Digital Belt and Road and Spatio-temporal Three-Pole Environment components of the project.

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