Africa’s first Wikipedia edit-a-thon on climate change
August 8, 2019

Climate change researchers from across Africa are meeting in Cape Town this week for the first African Climate Change Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

Only a quarter of all Wikipedia edits of Sub-Saharan African pages originate from Sub-Saharan African editors, as Carl Wesselink from SouthSouthNorth mentioned in the opening remarks. This week’s edit-a-thon and workshop aims at introducing researchers from across Africa to the process of expanding, improving and creating content related to climate change in Africa.

START’s Mzime Ndebele-Murisa is taking part in this workshop, together with participants from research programmes including Future Climate for Africa (FCFA), Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) and Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA).

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Photo: Discott
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