2006 Young Scientists’ Conference

The International Young Scientists’ Global Change Conference took place November 5-8, 2006 at the Science and Technology building on the China Meteorological Administration campus in Beijing, China. The conference was endorsed by the Earth System Science Partnership and was organized by START, the global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training and the China Meteorological Administration.

The conference offered a prestigious platform for young scientists from 35 countries around the world to present their research findings to one another and leading scientists in the field. It was intended, and succeeded to stimulate competition, encourage excellence, reward outstanding performance, and foster the development of personal and institutional networks. All YSC participants also took part in the Earth System Science Partnership’s Open Science Conference, “Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenges” (November 9-12, 2006, Beijing International Conference Center).

Some 100 participants, from 35 countries were selected by international review panels from over 700 applications. An additional 35 young Chinese scientists were selected by the China Meteorological Administration for poster presentations.

Distinguished invited keynote speakers were Prof. Congbin Fu and Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen. Sessions were chaired by leading members of the global change research community. As with the highly successfully 2003 First YSC Prof. Peter Tyson again served as chair of the organizing committee and Ms. Amy Freise as conference coordinator.

Awards were granted for the most outstanding contributions in three categories, best paper, best poster, and best CMA young scientist poster.

START would like to acknowledge the generous support received from the following sponsors and partners:

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