On the Move: Hassan Virji in Temporary Residence at Kyoto University

Update blog from START Executive Director Hassan Virji

hassan-presenting-2During October and part of November, I have the honor of being a Visiting Professor in Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies. Within the graduate school, I am hosted by the Graduate School of Sustainability and Survivability Studies. Physically, I am located in the International Environment and Disaster Management (IEDM) Laboratory. This lab is START’s partner in the PARR Alliance, a network of institutions from academia, public and private sectors, that collaborates on the Pan Asia Risk Reduction (PARR) Fellowship program. The lab, under the able leadership of Professor Rajib Shaw, conducts research and engages graduate students from across Asia. The lab has developed a highly regarded framework for assessing “Disaster Resilience Index”, that has been applied at urban to regional and socio-economic sectoral scales. Prolific research and publications output from the lab has set a high bar in academia at Kyoto University.

The IEDM lab is also a host institution for the inaugural round of the PARR program. During my stay here, four PARR fellows are in residence, three of who are shown in the photo that accompanies this post – Ms. Aparna, Ms. Rina Suryani Oktari, and Ms. Thinn Hlaing Oo, seated with their Fellowship supervisor Professor Rajib Shaw and myself. The Fellows had just presented their work to IEDM staff and graduate students. Their work focuses on (1) role of school-community collaborative networks in building disaster resilience in coastal region of Myanmar and Bandar Aceh in Sumarta island of Indonesia, respectively, and (2) understanding the role of regulatory frameworks in managing flood risk and vulnerability in Surat, India.


I currently share an office with these PARR Fellows, which allows me to interact with them on a daily basis. Their diligence, commitment, and scholarship are exemplary. They have actively interacted with IEDM’s academic staff and graduate students. For them, rewards of the PARR experience, so far, have been that their research work has become more focused, resulting in working papers that will later be available on the START website and may be refined and submitted for publication. During their time together at IEDM, Thinn, Okta, and Aparna have also become friends. This is indeed a basic ingredient for fostering a network of collaborating Fellows.

Besides interacting with PARR fellows and graduate students, and giving seminars, I have also been involved in developing other collaborations, for example with the Future Earth Regional Hub based in Kyoto at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, and with the Asian University Network for Environment and Disaster Management.

Being in the heart of academic setting in Kyoto is an uplifting experience. I firmly believe that START and IEDM will have a sustained and highly productive relationship for years to come.

– Hassan