Catalysts of Change: Stories of community disaster risk reduction in India

India has been experiencing increasing incidences of hydro-meteorological disasters that defy trends. Flash floods in Barmer in the western arid region of India (2006) and in Leh in the northern mountain desert (2010) have underlined the impending climate and disaster threats in fragile ecosystems.

Based on the research and field practice experience of the investigators, the START-CDKN project “Catalysts of Change” studied the effectiveness of Local Multi-Stakeholder Action in Leh and Barmer, India, as an enabling factor for mainstreaming DRR- CCA in post disaster programs and ultimately in state and national policies. It assessed the impact of consolidation of local change agents, their enablement through knowledge tools, and their strategic actions as an institution as enablers for shift in long term recovery programmes and state and national policy environment towards linking DRR and CCA and mainstreaming them in development processes.

SEEDS India and Saferworld invite you to view two films on the case study communities and local projects in Leh and Barmer.

In addition, the investigators prepared community radio programmes in Rajasthan, which were aired through the local government radio station. The radio programmes are in the local language and can be found at

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