Future Resilience of African Cities and Lands

START is partnering with the University of Cape Town, Stockholm Environment Institute, Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, and others to promote more informed decision making on water and energy resources under a changing climate in six Southern African cities (Windhoek, Lusaka, Maputo, Blantyre, Gabarone, and Harare).

The Future Resilience of African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) project promotes transdisciplinary knowledge partnerships through city learning labs that engage city governments, sectoral resources managers, climate modelers, and social and biophysical researchers. Beginning in 2016, START will be contributing to this effort through providing an ‘opportunities fund’ that promotes knowledge exchange and learning across the cities, and administering a cross-city research grants program to address emergent questions on water, energy and climate. FRACTAL is one of four projects funded through the NERC-DFID-supported Future Climate for Africa initiative.