Robust Decision Making Training Event

Hengzhi Hu first engaged with START during a Robust Decision Making (RDM) training workshop held in Shanghai, China. After the workshop, he was competitively selected to participate in a subsequent fellowship program which supported a one-month stay of four of the workshop participants at RAND in Santa Monica during the course of which they worked intensively on their particular planning problem within an RDM framework.

“The new idea of risk analysis and the advanced scientific methods has provided me with new ways to evaluate adaptation strategies. I would like to express my sincere thanks to START for organizing the RDM workshop in Shanghai and providing the START & RAND fellowship where I was able to improve my understanding of the tools and methodology,” says Hengzhi.

Ideas generated during the START-RAND Fellowship led to a proposal on the application of RDM to assess future urban inundation risk in Central Shanghai City. The proposal has since received support from the Shanghai Climate Change Research Center.