Promoting Innovation in Education

START promotes innovative approaches for education that emphasize experiential learning and that integrate teaching, research and practice. START is committed to working with universities, in particular, to support their potential to be active agents of change in helping society adapt to climate change and other impacts of global environmental change.

Currently, START is working with partners at African universities to develop and implement strategies and activities for education that consider priorities for adaptation. Key elements of this strategy include developing new curricula on global environmental change, enhancing faculty and staff development programs to support excellence in teaching on global environmental change topics, and integrating teaching with research and research with practice. Recommendations from the START-led Forum on Education, Capacity Building, and Climate Change: A Strategy for Collective Action in Africa form the basis for these efforts.

Programs and activities through which START is promoting innovation in education include a partnership with the University of Dar es Salaam’s Climate Change Research, Education, and Outreach Center, and a program on biodiversity conservation and climate change in East Africa.