2014 GOFC-GOLD Data Training Initiative

Earth observations, such as NASA Landsat data, are becoming rapidly accessible to researchers around the world; however, many researchers are unable to access or use this data due to limited technical resources and training. The GOFC-GOLD Data Training Initiative invites small groups of data specialists from the GOFC-GOLD Regional Information Networks to improve their use of remotely sensed Earth observations around the world. The Fellows are particularly experienced in mixed use of earth observations and on-the-ground field work and data validation.

The GOFC-GOLD Data Training Initiative was held for three weeks in July and August 2014. The first week involved a training session held at the USGS EROS Center in South Dakota, which is the global leader in the distribution and application of earth observation data, and especially Landsat data. Participants accessed, downloaded, and compiled regional and country-level data sets on land cover and fire observations. Fellows then applied their datasets during a two-week course at Boston University in Massachusetts to map and monitor landscape change.

Upon returning to their home countries and institutions, the participants serve as focal points for distribution of acquired data and skills in their regions and provide training to their colleagues to fully utilize the data sets.

Meet the Fellows

Sola works at AfricaRice in Benin and maintains professional contact with the Federal University of Technology at Akure in her native Nigeria. She is currently working on a mapping project using remote sensing to estimate the area of rice cultivation in the different rice eco-regions in Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Nigeria. Her goal is to apply her newly acquired skills for management of natural resources as related to food security in the face of the challenges of climate change.

Lucie is a PhD candidate in Cartography, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She has skills in ground truthing activities based on foliage sampling and the validation of field data sets from meadows and forests in the Czech Republic. Her goal is to use her newly gained skills on the use of LANDSAT data for detection of Land Cover’ Land Use Change, with a special focus on protection of natural resources in cooperation with the Czech National Park Administration. She is active in the GOFC-GOLD SCERIN Regional Network.

Mdumiseni Wisdom Dabulizwe DLAMINI
Wisdom is the Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks at the Swaziland National Trust Commission. He is a lecturer at University of Swaziland on remote sensing, GIS, ecology and plant physiology. In addition to his training as a scientist, he has also received a Diploma in International Environmental Law at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Geneva, Switzerland. His goal is to use his newly gained skills and data sets to analyze 30 years of changes in land use in Swaziland. He is on the steering committee of the GOFC-GOLD Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet).

G. M. Tarekul ISLAM
Tarek is Professor at the Institute of Water and Flood Management of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology where he has a heavy teaching schedule. Among the many courses he teaches are: “Remote Sensing and GIS in Water Management”, “River and Floodplain Management”, “Major Disasters and “Vulnerability: National and Global Perspectives”. He intends to use the downloaded data sets for hydrological modeling in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna watershed. His goal is to conduct more research on Land Use/ Land Cover Change and its impact on the carbon budget of Bangladesh. He is a member of the GOFC-GOLD South Asia Regional Information Network.

Narin is an Officer in the Geo-Informatics Division of the Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation of Thailand, based in Bangkok. He has been trained in remote sensing and GIS for forest classification and forest monitoring. He monitors forest cover change in protected areas of Thailand. His training at the Data Initiative will help him to process large amounts of data. His goal is to take his training and data sets to do a better job of communicating forest changes to students and to his colleagues. He is part of the GOFC-GOLD Southeast Asia Regional Information Network.

John Isaac MOLEFE
John is a Lecturer at University of Botswana where he is a specialist in the application of GIS and Remote Sensing to determine key disturbances and the environmental impacts resulting for Land Use/ Land Cover changes. He uses Remote Sensing to study fire and fire metrics in the context of a changing climate and changing socio-economics in Botswana. His training covers a wide range of disciplines to include socio-economic and environmental impacts related to water supplies, well drilling and mining. His recent training and newly-acquired data sets will be made available to colleagues through institutional computer servers because internet connections are not sufficiently fast. He is a member of the GOFC-GOLD Southern Africa Fire network (SAFNet).

Yuvenal Panteleo MTUI
Yuvenal is Group Forest Certification Manager at the Mapingo Conservation and Development Initiative in Kilwa Masako, Tanzania. He implements Participatory Forest Management for forest certification, climate change mitigation strategies and implementation of REDD. His goal is to use his recent training and collected data sets to help him and his colleagues to improve their efficiency and to make better decisions, especially for the characterization of land use, habitat types, the forest carbon budget and fire management projects. He is concerned about strengthening institutional information storage systems, as a way to have access to data at a place with inadequate internet access.

Sandeep Kumar PATAKAMURI
Sandeep is a Research Scholar at the Centre for Water Resources, Anna University, Chennai, India, where he creates Land Use/Land cover Data sets as a way to identify processes related to agricultural soil degradation and the impact of climate change on land use dynamics and socio-economic development. He will use his recently collected data sets to assist students with their academics and independent research projects. He plans to set up an Local Area Network for storage of the data to enable sharing with other organizations in his region. He is active in the South Asia GOFC-GOLD Regional Information Network.

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