Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Adaptation in the Indus Ecoregion, Pakistan

This project will examine disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation with a particular emphasis on the impact of the 2010 floods and 2011 rains in Pakistan. It will investigate the status of related policy work, and seek further methods of integrating DRR and CCA into existing policies. Researchers will clarify what scientific and analytical policy information is needed in order to implement DRR and adaptive measures in the livestock and fisheries sectors of Sindh Province, and recommend innovative ecosystem-based climate-resilient livelihoods to the Government of Sindh that can be used as entry points for mainstreaming integrated DRR and adaptation policies.

Principal Investigator: Rab Nawaz, WWF – Pakistan

Dr. Upali S. Amarasinghe, University of Kelaniya

Dr. Ben Groom, London School of Economics

Moazzam Khan, WWF – Pakistan




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