Climate Information for Decision Making

Strengthening the provision and use of climate predictions, products, and information is critical for supporting long-term planning on adaptation. To be effective, such efforts must be structured so as to incorporate decision maker needs and priorities for climate information, and to communicate that information in relevant and actionable terms.
START is helping to advance this effort in Africa through the CORDEX-Africa Analysis campaign. CORDEX-Africa is a joint initiative led by the University of Cape Town’s Climate Systems Analysis Group, in partnership with START, the World Climate Research Program, the Swedish Meteorological Hydrological Institute, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, and the African Adaptation Programme of UNDP.
The CORDEX Africa initiative brings together African climate and meteorology scientists with African scientists involved in vulnerability, impacts and adaptation research. The initiative seeks to interpret and analyze climate model results from the World Climate Research Program-led CORDEX initiative for robust information on how the regional climates of the African continent are projected to change, and to bring this information into the complex decision making processes of sectors such as health, agriculture, and water security in multiple regions across the continent.