Climate Change Research, Education and Outreach Program

More robust systems for generating, interpreting, and disseminating knowledge about climate change are essential for mobilizing decision makers across society to take actions that promote adaptation to climate change. Enhancing such knowledge systems requires significant and well-targeted investments in education and training. The Climate Change Research, Education, and Outreach Program (CCREOP) supports the development and implementation of innovative research on climate change at the University of Dar es Salaam. CCREOP established the Centre for Climate Change Studies as a university-wide institution for climate change research and teaching. CCREOP united START with the Centre for Climate Change Studies to implement a range of activities for students, faculty, and staff at UDSM and other stakeholders outside the university.

The collaboration has resulted in the establishment of a Master of Science in Climate Change and Sustainable Development program at UDSM in March 2013. The coursework covers the science of climate change, vulnerability, impacts, adaptations, governance, infrastructure and engineering, ecosystem management, gender, and water and food security. The MSc coursework began with 24 students and included more than 25 professors and lecturers teaching interdisciplinary courses.

CCREOP has supported the training of young faculty members to gain skills in academic writing, including proposal and journal article development. Participants from 10 colleges and departments, including law, geography, anthropology, and engineering, throughout UDSM participated in the five-day workshop in April 2013. The 24 participants engaged in a series of activities and lectures to develop their own concept notes into proposals and learn how to outline the parts of an academic article.

CCREOP also encourages research and education initiatives, including multistakeholder dialogues, intellectual lecture series, and an international conference. In July 2013, the Centre for Climate Change Studies, in collaboration with START, hosted the International Conference on Urbanization and Development in a Changing Climate in Arusha, Tanzania. The conference included presentations and discussions that put climate change at the forefront of urban planning and development.

Last Updated on February 24th, 2015