Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)

The Asia Pacific Network (APN) is an intergovernmental network whose mission is to foster global environmental change research in the Asia-Pacific region, increase developing country participation in that research, and strengthen interactions between the science community and policy makers. APN has evolved in close collaboration with START.

The APN/START partnership supports regional research projects and workshops to address the following priority themes:

  • Theme 1:  Changes in Atmospheric Chemistry and its Effects
  • Theme 2:  Climate Variability and Change
  • Theme 3:  Biodiversity
  • Theme 4:  Human Activities in Earth-System Modeling
  • Theme 5:  Water Cycle Research

Activities under these themes include:

  • planning and scoping workshops,
  • synthesis and analysis of existing knowledge as well as research to address key knowledge gaps,
  • capacity building and networking, and
  • the development of policy products, such as integrated assessments.

In accordance with APN criteria, each activity/project requires participation by individuals or organizations from a minimum of 3 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, at least two of which are developing countries. In practice, most APN projects have substantially broader involvement. APN capacity building activities typically involve most nations within a sub-region, with representation from outside the region as well.

The selection procedure follows a competitive application, preliminary screening, and peer review process, involving review by individual knowledgeable scientists, and by a Scientific Planning Group established by APN.  Members of this group are nominated by all APN member countries and by the START regional committees. (START network members recuse themselves from reviewing proposals for which there might be a conflict of interest.) A staff member of the U.S. National Science Foundation participates in the review process.  The successfully reviewed projects are jointly funded by APN and USCCSP/ USGCRP (the USCCSP/ USGCRP portion being made available by START through this grant).

APN makes 2 categories of awards:  1) The Annual Regional Call for Proposals (ARCP) to promote global change research in the Asia-Pacific region that has potential to improve the understanding of global change and its implications in the region and to contribute to the establishment of a sound scientific basis for policy-making, and 2) the Scientific Capacity Building/Enhancement for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries (CAPaBLE) for projects in the area of global change and sustainable development with specific emphasis on: scientific capacity development, science-policy interfacing, awareness raising activities, and knowledge dissemination activities.

For more general information on APN, contact Dr. Linda Stevenson,

For more information about START Grants for GEC Research in Asia, contact Skip Kauffman,

Last Updated on January 30th, 2012