2012 Global Environmental Change Learning Forum

Organization of the Research and Learning Forum created a space to present research, and catalyze knowledge sharing, creative strategizing and future collaboration through face-to-face interactions among recipients of 2011 GEC grants and other regional and international experts. Targeted training was designed to strengthen future research design and promote increased and more effective communication between communities of science, policy and practice.

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Future outputs of the Forum will include research presentations, proceedings document, inputs to the CDKN web platform and cross-cutting synthesis paper(s) for peer-review publication that identify and discuss messages emerging research, including critical knowledge needs.

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The Global Environmental Change Research and Learning Forum was organized by START in partnership with University of Ghana. Funding was provided by Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), US National Science Foundation and START. Click on partners’ logos below for more information about respective institutions and their programs.

Update!: Check out Cultivating Fields of Change: Collaborative Learning Through Research, which brings together each of the 16 projects completed in 2012, highlighting stories, research findings and recommendations to strengthen future research and communication efforts.

Last Updated on September 24th, 2014