2011 START Grants for Global Environmental Change Research

In 2011-12, 16 research teams with investigators coming from 16 African countries were supported by START’s Global Environmental Change Research Program in Africa. The 2011 theme was climate change, agriculture, and food security with an emphasis on the sustainability of ecosystem services. Research projects focused on 4 main areas: forests, water, climate, and agriculture.

Check out Cultivating Fields of Change: Collaborative Learning Through Research, which brings together each of the 16 projects, highlighting stories, research findings and recommendations to strengthen future research and communication efforts. Each team’s final report can be found on their project pages.

Funding for the grants was provided by: the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research program and the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), administered by the US National Science Foundation.

For more information, please contact: Skip Kauffman, cskauffman@start.org

Meet the 2011 GEC Research Teams


“Management of Ecosystems Services of the Forests of Southwest Nigeria in Support of Rural Livelihoods and Food Security”

Principal Investigator Dr. ADEKUNLE, Victor Jimoh Ajibola, Federal University of Technology, NIGERIA

Dr. OKUNLOLA, James Olaniyi, Federal University of Technology, NIGERIA

Dr. OKE, David Olarewaju, Federal University of Technology, NIGERIA

“Reducing Tropical Deforestation and the Protection of Ecosystem Services to Support Food Security in Southwest Cameroon”

Principal Investigator
Dr. AJONINA, Gordon Nwutih, Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society (CWCS), CAMEROON

Dr. CHUYONG, George Bindeh, University of Buea, CAMEROON

Ms. USONGO, Patience Abaufei, University of Buea, CAMEROON

“Changes in tree reproductive phenology: causes and implications in and around Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda”

Principal Investigator
Dr. BABWETEERA, Fred, Budongo Conservation Field Station, UGANDA

Assoc Prof. NYEKO, Philip, Makerere University, UGANDA

Dr. AGEA, Jacob, Makerere University, UGANDA

Dr. PLUMPTRE, Andrew, Wildlife Conservation Society, USA/UGANDA


“Sustainable Farmland Management in the Context of Climate Change in Inland Valleys of Southern Benin”

Principal Investigator
Dr. AKPONIKPE, P. B. Irénikatché, Université de Parakou, BENIN

Dr. AGBOSSOU, K. Euloge, Université d’Abomey Calavi, BENIN

Dr. BACO, Mohammed Nasser, Université de Parakou, BENIN

“Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources, Agriculture and Food Security in the Ethiopian Rift Valley: Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Sustainable Ecosystem Services”

Principal Investigator
Dr. BELACHEW, Dagnachew Legesse, Addis Ababa University, ETHIOPIA

Dr. GODEBO, Tewodros Rango, Duke University, USA

Dr. TESHOME, Behailu Atlaw, Jimma University, ETHIOPIA

Dr. TESGAYE, Tenalem Ayenew, Addis Ababa University ETHIOPIA

“Integrating indigenous knowledge and scientific methods for flood risk analyses, responses and adaptation in rural coastal communities in Nigeria”

Principal Investigator
Prof. FABIYI, Oluseyi O., Obafemi Awolowo University, NIGERIA

Dr. AKINBOLA, Gabriel, University of Ibadan. NIGERIA

Mr. OLOUKOI, Joseph, Obafemi Awolowo University, NIGERIA

Ms. Olufunmilayo, Thontteh, Obafemi Awolowo University, NIGERIA

“The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security Among Coastal Communities of Keiskamma, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa”

Principal Investigator
Dr. RIBBINK, A. J., Sustainable Seas Trust, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. RAATS, J.G., University of Fort Hare, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. deWET, C. J., Rhodes University, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. ADAMS, J. G., Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, SOUTH AFRICA

“Sensitivity of Coastal Lagoon Ecosystems to Climate and Related Global Changes: Developing a North African Lagoons Network”

Principal Investigator
Prof. SNOUSSI, Maria, University Mohamed V, MOROCCO

Prof. KARA, Hichem, University of Annaba, ALGERIA

Dr. TRIGUI EL MENIF, Université 7 novembre à Carthage, TUNISIA

Dr. MAHE, Gil, IRD/ HydroSciences Montpellier, FRANCE


“Improving Seasonal Forecast Information for Managing On-farm Decisions”

Principal Investigator
Dr. CRESPO, Olivier, Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG), University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. TADROSS, Mark, CSAG, University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. JOHNSTON, Peter, CSAG, University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. WALKER, Sue, University of Free State, SOUTH AFRICA

“Engaging Farmers and Climatologists in Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in the Okavango Delta of Botswana”

Principal Investigator
Dr. KOLAWOLE, Oluwatoyin Dare, Okavango Research Institute, BOTSWANA

Dr. WOLSKI, Piotr, Okavango Research Institute, BOTSWANA

Ms. NGWENYA, Barbara Ntombi, Okavango Research Institute, BOTSWANA

Dr. MMOPLELWA, G., Okavango Research Institute, BOTSWANA

Dr. THAKADU, Olekae T., University of Botswana, BOTSWANA

“The Application of Earth Observation Methods for Monitoring and Assessment of Agro-forestry in Senegal and Ghana”

Principal Investigator
Dr. MBOW, Cheikh, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, SENEGAL

Dr. SKOLE, David, Michigan State University, USA

Dr. VON VORDZOGBE, Vincent, University of Legon, GHANA

Dr. ATTUA, Emmanuel Morgan, University of Legon, GHANA

Dr. NDOUR, Ngor, Université de Ziguinchor, SENEGAL


“Community-Based Management of Ecosystems and Natural Resources for the Improvement of Rural Livelihoods and Food Security in the Nigerian Savannah”

Principal Investigator Dr. FASONA, Mayowa Johnson, University of Lagos, NIGERIA

Dr. ADENIJI, Grace, Lead University, NIGERIA

Dr. OLORUNFEMI, Felix Bayode, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, NIGERIA

Dr. ELIAS, Peter Omu, University of Lagos, NIGERIA

Dr. ADEDAYO, Vide, University of Lagos, NIGERIA

“The Role of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Enhancing Food Security and Climate Change Resilience in East and West African Cities”

Principal Investigator Dr. LWASA, Shuaib, Makerere University, UGANDA

Dr. WAHAB, Bolanle, University of Ibadan, NIGERIA

Dr. MUGAGGA, Frank, Makerere University, UGANDA

Prof. SIMON, David, Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Dr. FRAGKIAS, Michail, UGEC International Project Office, Arizona State University, USA

“Climate Change Adaptation for Rural Communities Dependent on Agriculture and Tourism in Marginal Farming Areas of the Hwange District, Zimbabwe”

Principal Investigator Dr. NHEMACHENA, Charles, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), SOUTH AFRICA

Dr. MANO, Reneth, University of Zimbabwe, ZIMBABWE

Mr. MUDOMBI, Shakespear, Tshwane University of Technology, SOUTH AFRICA

“Assessing Adaptation Responses by Smallholder Farmers in Northern Ghana to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss”

Principal Investigator
Dr. OSEI-OWUSU, Yaw, Conservation Alliance International, GHANA

Prof. AL-HASSAN, Ramatu, University of Ghana, GHANA

Ms. DOKU-MARFO, Ernestina, Conservation Alliance International, GHANA

“Targeting Crop Yield Increases Under Future Climate for Greater Food Security in the Upstream Catchment of Lake Victoria Basin”

Principal Investigator
Mr. Wasige, John Ejiet, Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University, UGANDA

Dr. BEMIGISHA, Jane, International Foundation for Science (IFS), UGANDA

Dr. EILU Gerarld, Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University, UGANDA

Mr. LUBANGA, Timothy, Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, UGANDA

MUKASHEMA, Adrie, National University of Rwanda, RWANDA

Prof. MBAZUMATIMA, Jean-Berchmans, Institut Geographique du Burundi (IGEBU), BURUNDI

Mr. KYARUZI, Ladislaus, Division of Environment, Vice President’s Office, TANZANIA

All the GEC Research grants contribute to the 4th goal of the USGCRP, the AFRICANness Science Plan, & ICSU RoA Plan

Last Updated on June 4th, 2013