African Young Scientists Session: 2008 IGBP Conference

The 4th Congress of the IGBP (International Geopshere Biosphere Programme), entitled Sustainable Livelihood in a Changing Earth System was held in Cape Town, South Africa during 5-9 May 2008. About 380 delegates from 65 countries attended the event and contributed to the development of IGBP’s scientific agenda for the period 2008-2013, with a focus on how IGBP can better contribute to sustainable solutions to global environmental change including mitigation, innovation and adaptation. More information is available at

The Congress released “The Cape Town Declaration on Science for Environmental Sustainability” which outlines an enhanced plan of international collaboration to pursue science that will help achieve sustainable development of common, global resources.

START, as the Capacity Building Arm of ESSP, sponsored 14 young African scientists to attend the Congress, where each of the 14 young scientists was a full participant, as well as a presenter of either a paper or a poster at a special Working Group Session entitled “Young African Scientists’ Session on Global Environmental Change (GEC) Research in Africa”. This session provided a showcase for the global environmental change that is being conducted by young African Scientists, 8 of whom are START/NORAD PhD Fellows. The others have been recipients of other START initiatives to promote capacity building in Africa including: 1) START Advanced Institutes, 2) START’s African Small Grants Program, or 3) START’s Visiting Scientist Fellowships. The 14 scientists were selected by a Review Committee, based on submitted abstracts.

The session at the IGBP Congress was an effective means to promote interaction among young African scientists and representatives from the ESSP family and to provide opportunities for networking and collaboration.

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