ACCFP Fellowship Types

The ACCFP currently offers three types of Fellowships – Adaptation Science Fellowships, and Adaptation Policy Fellowships. Program applicants are invited to choose the ACCFP Fellowship type that is most appropriate to the proposed work and to their institutional affiliation and interests.

Adaptation Science Fellowships

Adaptation Science Fellowships are awarded to:

  • Post-Doctoral scientists working in fields relevant to climate change and climate change adaptation;
  • Doctoral students currently enrolled in and conducting research related to climate change and adaptation as part of a PhD program at an African university; and/or
  • Other strong postgraduate candidates (e.g., experienced African professionals within established research institutions, candidates who are registered for a relevant Master’s degree program in a recognized African university) who are interested to carry out innovative research that advances and applies knowledge for climate change adaptation in Africa.

When awarded to a Post-Doctoral candidate, an Adaptation Science Fellowship enables its recipient to travel to a suitable Host Institution and work under the supervision of an established, highly qualified mentor in order to strengthen specific skills in research and/or teaching in regards to climate change and climate change adaptation.

For doctoral students, the Adaptation Science Fellowship supports a targeted and clearly defined component or activity of the PhD research by enabling travel to a Host Institution for training in relevant research methodologies or tools, participation in supervised research and/or access to data, models or tools that would raise the quality and value of the dissertation results. When awarded to other postgraduate candidates, the Adaptation Science Fellowship supports relevant research projects with clearly defined and targeted tasks, to be carried out in residence at an appropriate ACCFP Host Institution.

In the most recent round of ACCFP awards, Adaptation Science Fellowships had a maximum duration of 6 months and offered a grant of up to $14,000 USD, depending on proposed work and appropriateness of the proposed budget.

Adaptation Policy Fellowships

Adaptation Policy Fellowship enable and support practitioners, policymakers and other African professionals in their efforts to:

  • Promote communication and cooperation in regards to climate change and climate change adaptation between scientists and communities of policy and practice
  • Translate scientific knowledge into recommendations for action
  • Integrate climate change into development frameworks and/or
  • Otherwise directly influence and contribute to relevant policy and decision-making processes at local, national or regional scales.

Adaptation Policy Fellowships are awarded to early, mid-career and senior-level candidates, where appropriate, who are resident in Africa and currently working in organizations that influence or have the potential to influence policy and decision-making in climate-sensitive sectors in Africa. Policy Fellows attend a Adaptation Policy Training Institute to gain greater awareness about policy issues in African decision making processes and begin to engage relevant policy makers on the subject. Each Fellow will be awarded a total of $2,500 after the two week training to conduct desk work research activities and initiate the process of engaging policy makers in various ways over a four month period, under the supervision of a mentor.

Adaptation Policy Fellowships are 6 months in duration with a two-week training and offered a grant of $2,500 USD each for follow-on projects.

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Last Updated on June 10th, 2015