2007 Advanced Institute on the Vulnerability of 

Advanced Institute on 
Global Environmental Change and the Vulnerability of water resources in the context of the Millennium Development Goals

Intensive seminar session:  24 September – 12 October 2007 at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands – FINAL REPORT

Research phase:  2007/2008 • Final Synthesis Workshop: October 2008

START, in partnership with the Global Water System Project (GWSP), and with financial support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and the International Foundation of Science (IFS) invited selected Institute Fellow applicants to participate in the Advanced Institute on Global Environmental Change and the Vulnerability of water resources in the context of the Millennium Development Goals, hosted by UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft and the Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The Advanced Institute had three components: (1) a three-week long intensive Seminar held at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands; (2) one-year research grants for successful Institute Fellows; and (3) a synthesis workshop that will follow completion of the research.

(1) Intensive Seminar – In the Seminar, Institute Fellows examined the relationship between climate change and water not only in physical terms but also in terms of the processes of policymaking. Although the seminar was aimed at providing a global overview, the students also focused on issues of concern to the specific region / area from which they come in order to develop top quality research proposals. One of the key purposes of this institute was to promote multidisciplinary research combining social and natural sciences.

The final report on this seminar is now available for download.

(2) Research Grants – Final research proposals submitted after the Intensive Seminar session will be evaluated for their relevance to the topics, multidisciplinary, scientific merit and feasibility for successful completion within one-year and the allotted budget. IFS will consider providing a research grant of $10,000 to $15,000 (USD) for proposals that are evaluated highly through a scientific peer-review process.

The faculty and international advisory committee for the Advanced Institute will serve as mentors to advise Institute Fellows on the implementation of their funded research projects. Institute Fellows must also arrange for a senior scientist from their sponsoring institution or other local organization to serve as a second mentor for the Fellow’s research. A list-serve will be established for Institute Fellows to communicate with each other and mentors about their research progress, methods, difficulties encountered and their solutions, and preliminary findings.

(3) Final Synthesis Workshop – A Synthesis Workshop will be held approximately 18 months following the Seminar to reunite Institute Fellows who have successfully completed their research. Each Fellow will be asked to prepare a paper on their research in advance of the Synthesis Workshop, to present the paper at the workshop, and to submit the paper to a peer reviewed journal for publication. The workshop will also provide time for Fellows to discuss their research experiences and lessons learned and to consider how their research on vulnerability to global environmental change might be applied to lessen vulnerabilities. The intent is to schedule the Synthesis Workshop in conjunction with another international scientific meeting in which Institute Fellows might also participate and thereby gain greater benefit.

For more information, contact UNESCO, info@unesco-ihe.org

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