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The Advanced Institute on Vulnerability to Global Environmental Change is focused on utilizing selected analytic tools to build the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research on vulnerability to global environmental change. The intensive training seminar was held 3-21 May 2004 at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria. This seminar explored questions regarding the susceptibility of people, places, and systems to harm caused by the multiple stresses arising from climate change. Topics included the causes of vulnerability, the ways in which global climate change affects social, economic, political, and environmental systems, and the extent to which these systems are able to cope with or adapt to the stresses of global climate change. The seminar was followed by the initiation of twenty research projects on vulnerability by Institute fellows.

The institute projects are:

Intervulnerability Assessment: An Innovative Framework to Assess Vulnerability to Interacting Impacts of Climate Change and Globalization
Principal Investigator: Lilibeth Acosta-Michlik | Country: Philippines | Mentor: Tom Downing

Current and future sustainability of rural livelihoods: A case study in the community Isla Mendez within the Salvadoran bay-mangrove ecosystem
Principal Investigator: Metzi Aguilar | Country: El Salvador | Mentor: Declan Conway

Vulnerability to Global Environmental Changes in Argentina: ex-ante Flood Risk Management Strategies
Principal Investigator: Pablo Bereciartua | Country: Argentina | Mentor: Janos Bogardi

Assessment of Human Vulnerability to Environmental Changes in the Carpathian Mountains (Romania)
Principal Investigator: Andra Costache | Country: Romania | Mentor: Jan Sendzimir

Assessing the Vulnerability of Fadama (Floodplain) Agriculture to Climate Variability and Change: A Case Study of Semi-Arid Northern Nigeria
Principal Investigator: Daniel Dabi | Country: Nigeria | Mentor: Amy Luers

Response Model of Marginalized Rural Households, Natural Resource Use and Biodiversity in a Sporadic Drought Prone Semi-arid Environment
Principal Investigator: Delali Dovie | Country: Ghana | Mentor: Colin Polsky

Participatory Approach to Addressing Local Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Variability and Water Stress in the Uttaranchal Region of India
Appendix 1 | Appendix 2
Principal Investigator: Ulka Kelkar | Country: India | Mentor: Frank Biermann

A Dynamic Approach to the Assessment of Farmers’ Vulnerability to No-Flow Events in the Lower Yellow River, 1990-1999
Principal Investigator: Chunling Liu | Country: China | Mentor: Günther Fischer

Land Use Dynamics and Vulnerability in Peri-Urban Areas to Urban Ecological Change: A case study of Kampala, Uganda
Principal Investigator: Shuaib Lwasa | Country: Uganda | Mentor: Roberto Sanchez

Vulnerability Assessment of Forest Ecosystems and Rural Livelihoods in South West Nigeria
Principal Investigator: Azeez Mabawonku | Country: Nigeria | Mentor: Matthias Jonas

A Case Study of the Mae Ping River Basin in Northern Thailand
Principal Investigator: Jesse Manuta | Country: Philippines | Mentor: Steve Ney

The Institutional Dimensions of Vulnerability to Climate Variability and Change in Southern Africa with Particular Reference to Drought Disaster Risk
Principal Investigator: Florence Chidamahiya Nazare | Country: Zimbabwe | Mentor: Tony Patt

Spatial Determinants of Resource Condition: A Case Study of South Eastern Nigeria
Principal Investigator: Peters Omoregie | Country: Nigeria | Mentor: Elinor Ostrom

Assessment of Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation to Malaria in the Western Highlands of Kenya
Principal Investigator: Rosemary Owigar | Country: Kenya | Mentor: Dele Ogunseitan

The Case of Santa Catalina Coastal Community, Uruguay
Principal Investigator: Alvaro Ponce | Country: Uruguay | Mentor: Barbara Huddleston

Reducing Economic and Financial Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in Mexico: Poverty, Agriculture and Development Issues
Principal Investigator: Sergio Saldaña | Country: Mexico | Mentor: Cecilia Conde

Assessing adaptive capacity (ability to respond) to tropical cyclones in the East coast of India: A pilot study of public response to cyclone warning information (Paper 1)
An empirical approach to assessing generic adaptive capacity to tropical cyclone risk in coastal districts of India (Paper 2)
Principal Investigator: Upasna Sharma | Country: India | Mentor: Mahendra Shah

Vulnerability of Water-Induced Disasters in Nepal with Reference to Global Climate Change
Principal Investigator: Archana Shrestha | Country: Nepal | Mentor: Dipak Gyawali

Local Strategies to Cope with Drought Risk and Vulnerability in Northeast Brazil: a Comparative Analysis.
Principal Investigator: Fabiano Toni | Country: Brazil | Mentor: Walter Baethgen

Vulnerability of China’s Water Sector to Global Environmental Change
Principal Investigator: Yuan Zhou | Country: China | Mentor: Karen O’Brien

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