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The Advanced Institute on Urbanization, Emissions and the Global Carbon Cycle brought together young natural and social scientists, engineers, and urban planners to critically examine the environmentally significant interaction of cities and their environment, specifically the emissions of both long-lived GHGs and short-lived polluting gases and particulates. The intensive training component of this institute was held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado from 4-22 August 2003. Sixteen participants are currently conducting follow-on research projects in their home regions. The Synthesis Workshop will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Human Dimensions of Global Change in Bonn, Germany in October 2005.

The institute projects are:

Greenhouse Gas from Mobile Sources in Bogota City: Estimation of Nitrous Oxide Emission Factors
Principal Investigator: Eduardo Behrentz | Country: Columbia | Mentor: Robert Harriss

Energy, Environment and Mobility in Three South Asian Cities (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Ranjan K. Bose | Countries: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka | Mentor: Dan Sperling

Economic Analysis of Health Benefits from Air Pollution Reduction: A Comparative Study of Delhi and Calcutta
Principal Investigator: Mitali Das Gupta | Country: India | Mentor: Joyashree Roy

Urban Transportation and Emission Interactions in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: Strategies for Integrated Global Carbon Concerns into Local Air Pollution
Principal Investigator: Shobakar Dhakal | Country: Nepal | Mentor: Lee Schipper

A Quality-of-life Approach to Sustainable Transportation in the Colombo Metro Region, Sri Lanka: A Model for Other South Asian Cities (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Rohinton Emmanuel | Country: Sri Lanka | Mentor: Ernesto Arias

De-coupling Economic Development from Growth in Emissions: an Integrated Study of Urbanization in the Ping River Basin, Northern Thailand
Principal Investigator: Po Garden | Country: Thailand | Mentor: Louis Lebel

How Decision-makers are Informed: A Cross-scale Approach to Climate Change Information Flows in South African Government
Principal Investigator: Claudia Holgate | Country: South Africa | Mentors: Michele Betsill and John Robinson

SURF: A Study of Urban Influence on Rain Fall in Yogyakarta city of Indonesia
Principal Investigator: Dewi Galuh Condo Kirono | Country: Indonesia | Mentor: John McBride

Can City be Harnessed to Reduce Transport Energy Use? Solutions to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Problems in Kampala City Region (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Isolo Paul Mukwaya | Country: Uganda | Mentor: Gordon Pirie

Urban Mobile Emissions from Latin American Cities and their Impact on Both Local and Regional Air Quality (Word)
Principal Investigator: Mauricio Osses | Country: Chile | Mentor: Robert Harriss

A Comprehensive Tool for Assessing Sustainable Electricity Generation for Cities: An Application to Sao Paolo, Brazil
Principal Investigator: Sergio Pacca | Country: Brazil | Mentor: José Goldemburg

Can Cities Reduce Global Warming? Urban Development and the Carbon Cycle in Mexico City (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Patricia Romero Lankao | Country: Mexico | Mentor: Oran Young

Targeting the Ignored: An Integrated Study of Mitigating Environmental Impacts from the Urban Transportation in Chinese Medium-size Cities
Principal Investigator: Shui Bin | Country: China | Mentor: Bob Harriss

Simulation Game: Innovative Ways to Develop Vehicle Emission Reduction Action Priorities Involving Multiple Stakeholders in Jakarta
Principal Investigator: Shanty Syahril | Country: Indonesia | Mentors: Craig Forster & Tarla Rai Peterson

Urban Vegetation Spatial Structure and Pattern Analysis and their Application in Urban Planning and Design in Bangkok Metropolitan Area
Principal Investigator: Danai Thaitakoo | Country: Thailand | Mentor: Chris Small

Sustainable Urban Form and the Carbon Cycle in South Korea
Principal Investigator: Kwangik Wang | Country: South Korea | Mentor: Peter Marcotullio

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