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The Advanced Institute on Climate Variability and Food Security focused on the application of seasonal climate forecasts to improve agricultural food security. The intensive training component of the Institute was held at the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI) facility in Palisades, New York from 8-26 July 2002. Fourteen institute fellows have since successfully completed research projects that will advance the application and utility of seasonal climate forecasts within different agricultural systems in developing countries. The Synthesis Workshop was held at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva, Switzerland on 9-10 May 2005 in conjunction with the International Workshop on Climate Prediction and Agriculture: Advances and Challenges. This workshop gave fellows a chance to present their research findings, share their experiences, and synthesize lessons learned.

The institute projects are:

  • Projects available on the internet:

Exploring Options for Improving Crop Productivity within Some Farming Zones of Ghana Using Coupled Climate-Crop Models (Word)
Principal Investigator: Samuel Adiku | Country: Ghana | Mentor: Jim Jones

Early Climate Warning to the Andean Farmers: Linking Seasonal forecast information to integrated GIS and Biophysical Models (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Guillermo Baigorria | Country: Peru | Mentor: Corrine Valdivia

  • The following projects are being compiled in a book-length publication:

Reducing Climate Risk for Chili and Potato Production at Pengalengan, Bandung District, West Java (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Rizaldi Boer | Country: Indonesia | Mentor: Holger Meinke

Application of Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Predict Regional Scale Crop Yields in South Africa (Word)
Principal Investigator: Trevor G. Lumsden | Country: South Africa | Mentor: Emma Archer

Where and When Do We Need Water? Development of a Regional Crop Yield and Water Demand Model Based on Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Francisco J. Meza | Country: Chile | Mentor: Guillermo Podesta

Application of Climate Prediction in Rice Production in the Mekong River Delta (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Thuan Nguyen | Country: Vietnam | Mentor: Michael Manton

Localized Climate Forecasting Systems: Seasonal Climate and Weather Prediction for Farm-level Decision-making (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Rengalakshmi Raj | Country: India | Mentor: Sulochana Gadgil

Will Climate Forecasting and New Knowledge Tools Help Resource-poor Farmers from Debt to Prosperity? Farmers’ Participatory Approach to Manage Climate Variability
Principal Investigator: Nageswara Rao | Country: India | Mentor: Sulochana Gadgil

Towards the Development of Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) for Application of Climate Forecasts in Californian and Uruguayan Rice Production Systems (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Alvaro Roel | Country: United States, Uruguay | Mentor: Walter Baethgen

Delivering Climate Forecast Products to Farmers: Knowledge-Based Corn Yield Forecasting system in Isabela, Philippines
Principal Investigator: William de los Santos | Country: Philippines | Mentor: James Hansen

Application of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Telangana Sub-division of Andhra Predesh, India (Word)
Principal Investigator: K. K. Singh | Country: India | Mentor: James Hansen

Coping with Climate Risk in China: Developing a Food Security Warning System Using Seasonal Climate Forecasts
Principal Investigator: Tao Fulu | Country: China | Mentor: Hartmut Grassl

Bytes for Bites: Translating Climate Forecasts into Enhanced Food Security for the Sahel
Principal Investigator: Pierre Sibiry Traore | Country: Mali | Mentor: Neil Ward

Climate Information for Food Security: Responding to Users Needs for Climate Information (PDF)
Principal Investigator: Milton Michael Waiswa | Country: Uganda | Mentor: Jennifer Phillips

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