E-Book: The Global Dimensions of Changes in River Basins – Threats, Linkages and Adaptations

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This publication aims to reach out to all graduate students whose curriculum includes water related topics and to assist young scientists and professionals from different water related academic disciplines. Therefore this book constitutes neither classical conference proceedings nor a regular textbook. It presents the state of the art, but also shows the limits to our present knowledge: thus it also highlights the frequent lack and inadequacy of data, but also that of conducive governance frameworks.

The E-Book focuses on three major topics:

  1. Global Change and River Basins
  2. Accounting for Water and River Basins
  3. Governance and River Basins

The book is based on selected papers which were presented during the conference organized within the Global Catchment Initiative (GCI) of the Global Water System Project (GWSP) held in December 2010 in Bonn, Germany and follows two major objectives:

  1. To document major contributions to the conference by providing background
  2. To present those issues, debates, and contributions of the conference for present and future generation of graduate students, who will soon enter the professional community of the “water world”

The three focal areas of the book reflect the broader structure of the conference. Hence the book comprises of three main chapters, each giving extensive information and case study material.

Content of the Book

Theme I: Global Change and River Basins

  • 1.1 Impacts of global change on rainfed agriculture in a semi-arid zone – a case study from Sudan.
    Shamseddin M. Ahmed
  • 1.2 HighNoon: Adaption to changing water resources availability in northern India.
    Hester Biernans & Eddy Moors
  • 1.3 Impact of global change on hydrology and soil degradation – scenario analysis for the semi-arid Dráa catchment (South Morocco).
    Bernd Diekkrüger, Henning Busche, Anna Klase, Stephan Klase, Christian Radermacher & Oliver Schulz
  • 1.4 Impacts of climate variability and population pressure on water resources in the Lake Chad Basin.
    Roland Geerken, Sara Vassola & Mohamed Bila
  • 1.5 Impact of global change on water resources in the Ouémé catchment, Benin.
    Simone Giertz, Bernd Diekkrüger & Britta Höllerman
  • 1.6 Drivers of land use changes in the Amudarya river basin.
    Darya Hirsch
  • 1.7 Diverse impacts of climate change on streamflow in Alberta, Canada.
    Stefan W. Kienzle, Michael Nerneth, Katherine Forbes & James M. Byrne
  • 1.8 Physical heterogeneity and socio-economic differences as determinants of change in the Danube basin.
    Hans-Peter Nachtnebel

Theme II: Accounting for Water and River Basins

  • 2.1 Estimating green-blue water availability and needs for global food production.
    Dieter Gerten, Jens Heinke & Holger Hoff
  • 2.2 The impact of water pricing in an arid river basin in Morocco considering the conjunctive use of ground- and surface water, water quality aspects and climate change.
    Claudia Heidecke & Thomas Heckelei
  • 2.3 Assessing the use of hydrologic drought indicators in characterizing the extent and severity of the 1999-2005 drought in the Canadian prairies.
    Richard Lawford & Philip Harder
  • 2.4 Lake Winnipeg basin – confronting cultural eutrophication with bioeconomy opportunities.
    Richard Lawford, Dean Medeiras, Henry David Venerna, Greg McCullough & Matt McCandless
  • 2.5 Effect on changing anthropogenic and climate condition on BOD loading and in-stream water quality in Europe.
    Anja Voß, Ilona Bärlund, Manuel Punzet, Richard Williams, Ellen Kynast, Olli Malve & Frank Voß
  • 2.6 Virtual Water flows – Methods of water accounting and examples.
    Hong Yang & Zhouying Zhang

Theme III: Governance and River Basins

  • 3.1 Dialogue between scientists and river basin managers: Documentation of a panel discussion at the GWSP GCI conference in Bonn
  • 3.2 Sustainability of basin organizations – The Mekong as a case study.
    Bastian Affeltranger
  • 3.3 Connectivities and linkages within the Volta Basin.
    Charles A. Biney
  • 3.4 Impacts of national and international actors on river basin management – Case of River Rhine.
    Esra D. Bozkir, Jan Leentvaar, Ine D. Frijters & Maarten A. Hofstra
  • 3.5 Impacts of the governmental water policy on land use and streamflow in the arid Heihe River watershed, Northwest China.
    Changsheng He, Li Fu, Yi Lua, Lanhai Li, Carlo Dernachi & Ninglian Wang
  • 3.6 The influence of international water governance on water management in Zambia.
    Jonathan M. Kampata
  • 3.7 Multilateral environmental agreements – a catalyst for interlinkages in river basin management? A case study of Pahang river basin, Malaysia.
    Jing Lee
  • 3.8 Asymmetry and accountability deficits in water governance as inhibitors of effective water resource management.
    Mike Muller

Info-Boxes and Glossary

A Glossary and Info-Boxes are providing supplementary information on every chapter as well as introducing current debates on water-related topics and global change research. This makes the book a valuable source of information for graduate students and researchers interested in river basin and global change research.

There are Info-Boxes on:

  • Global Change is more than Climate Change
  • Global Sustainability
  • Downscaling in Climate Change Studies
  • Interbasin Water Transfer
  • Water Pricing and Tariffs
  • Blue and Green Water
  • Indicators and Their Limitations
  • Legitimate Stakeholders
  • IWRM
  • Water Security

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