Lauren Graham, Graduate Student Research Awardee, Featured on AlertNet

Lauren Graham is a rising second year master’s of environmental management student at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. She started at Yale focusing on transboundary water conflict resolution, but has developed an interest in environmental issues at the intersection of climate change, public health and humanitarian response. Lauren is interested in two major aspects of climate risk: (1) the ways that climate change will affect water quality, quantity and access, particularly in developing countries, and (2) how climate data can be conveyed for effectively to be used for better decision-making in the humanitarian community. Lauren hopes that her work on Humans vs. Mosquitoes, a climate change and health game about dengue fever, will provide an innovative tool for the humanitarian community to teach people about the link between climate and infectious diseases.

She recently wrote about her experiences as a guest blogger on AlertNet:

“Mosquito! Mosquito!
Catch it! Catch it!
Confuse it!
Shake it! Shake it again!
Kill it!”

I watch as Kenyan youth representing Red Cross student clubs of Mombasa chant in unison against the dreaded mosquito. I am here working with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) to pilot a game I co-created called Humans vs. Mosquitoes that can help in the fight against malaria.”

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