START Alumni Dr. Wynn Chi-Nguyen Cam publishes article on climate change mitigation and the built environment

After the recently completed book titled “Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation: Building Sector”, a START alumni Dr. Wynn Chi-Nguyen Cam has written an article articulating how the climate change mitigation technologies can be implemented in a meaningful way through the lens of architectural design.

With climate change issues entering the built environment agenda, architects and researchers in the field have tried to cope with new challenges, i.e. addressing additional requirements from mitigation and adaptation measures. How we react to these new global change requirements literally lead to the characters of the resulted built environment. The article advocates for a positive reaction, with which mitigation technologies will turn out to be a source of innovation to strengthen the core qualities of sustainable built environment. These qualities equip the physical buildings and spaces the ability to enrich our senses in our interaction with the built and natural environment, to celebrate the beauty of sustainable living and practices, and subsequently to nurture sustainable lifestyle and practices.

START’s members and friends, who attended the Second International Conference on Cities at Risk and the Advanced Institute on Data for Coastal Cities at Risk in Taipei, will find in the article familiar scenes of Academia Sinica, where we were warmly welcomed with Taiwanese hospitality.

The article, “From Mitigation Technologies to Sustainable Architecture”, was first published in FuturArc ( To read the article, click here.