ASSAR Mali Team Identifies Stakeholders Involved in Agricultural Intensification

ASSAR story B 03-30-16The Mali team of the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) project conducted a one-day meeting on 17th March to identify new stakeholders involved with agricultural intensification, a core focus of the ASSAR West Africa research. During this meeting, relevant connections between these stakeholders and the different dimensions of the West Africa team’s Regional Research Programme on climate change adaptation were identified and power relations among these stakeholders were assessed to better inform the Research into Use (RiU) work of ASSAR. This type of assessment helps to illuminate which stakeholders are most influential in matters regarding agricultural intensification, but also highlights those whose voices may be marginalized and therefore need to be given greater attention. Lastly, this meeting helped to identify and engage the reference group for the Mali team’s transformative scenario planning (TSP) workshops to be held in June and August. This group will play an active role in the participatory TSP process, which aims to bring a wide range of stakeholders together around problematic issues and to envision ways forward for addressing those challenges. In total 19 participants attended the workshop.

ASSAR story 03-30-16