2015 Advanced Institute on Disaster Risk Reduction and Loss Mitigation will take place during April 20-25 2015

The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) program is a decade-long program of international research and related activities that aims to bring together the natural, socio-economic, health and engineering sciences in coordinated efforts to address the challenges brought about by natural disasters, mitigate their impacts and improve related policy-making mechanisms. The IRDR partnership effort seeks to achieve this objective, among others, by a series of intensive training institutes that promote advancement of IRDR’s priority themes and projects. Each Advanced Institute for IRDR brings together 15-20 young to middle-career researchers and practitioners from a specific region, country or thematic expertise and provides them with the enhanced understanding, skills and resources to design, organize and carry out IRDR related studies in their own countries.

The 2015 Advanced Institute (AI) on Disaster Risk Reduction and Loss Mitigation will similarly provide approximately 19 young to middle-career researchers and practitioners from Southeast Asia with the enhanced understanding; skills and practical knowledge to reduce disaster risk and mitigate disaster losses in their own countries. The 6-day, intensive training is hosted and organized by the IRDR International Center of Excellence (IRDR-ICoE) in Taipei, Taiwan, in partnership with START, the International Council for Sciences and IRDR. It will take place during April 20-25, 2015.

This year’s AI will cover a number of important themes, including integrative risk management; disaster typologies; approaches, tools and systems for risk and loss reduction; socio-economic aspects of disaster loss; recovery and reconstruction after disasters and policy and planning in disaster risk and loss reduction.

The sessions will include lectures by eminent scholars and practitioners in disaster risk reduction and management, hands-on interactive exercises, trainee panels, and field visits. All participants will conceptualize an individual or collaborative project, to be presented in plenary session at the conclusion of the Advanced Institute, which may later be submitted for competitive funding to support follow-on research activities.

• For general information about the IRDR advanced institutes and past AIs, please see: http://start.org/programs/ai-irdr
• For more information about the 2015 AL on Disaster Risk and Loss Mitigation, please contact Senay Habtezion at shabtezion@start.org