CORDEX-Africa training programme

In response to the critical need for data analysis and capacity development, a consortium of organizations consisting of the WCRP, the University of Cape Town’s Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG), START, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, the Swedish Meteorological-Hydrological Institute, and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network initiative have developed an analysis and training program to provide an initial assessment of CORDEX output that is regionally focused and prioritized to Africa’s knowledge needs.

The training programme, which will be convened in early 2011, will focus on skill development in working with climate model results, analysis of CORDEX datasets, and compilation and writing of analytical results. Participants in the training programme will be grouped into teams according to the sub-regions they represent and their respective areas of expertise. Teams will be multi-disciplinary, consisting of individuals from the physical sciences as well as from the vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation research community.

Participants will also be involved in outreach and communication to key stakeholder groups in Africa to promote awareness raising and understanding of CORDEX results, and their implication for adaptation planning. These outreach activities are made possible by support from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network-Africa initiative.