Invitation to REDD+MRV webinar series

Invitation to REDD+MRV webinar series:

You are warmly invited to join our free webinar series, which introduces the latest tools and methodologies for REDD+ MRV, in the themes of monitoring forest area and area changes, and the associated carbon stocks and changes. Tools to assist with data management, MRV stocktakingand involvement of communities will be covered. Remote sensing approaches for detection of deforestation, cloud computing, and accuracy assessments are also included.

Participants will: 
– Increase their capacity in REDD+ MRV, planning, data management, analysis and reporting
– Learn about the latest freely available tools and methodologies
– Receive a certificate for participation in at least 6 of the webinars

Timing: Individual live and interactive webinars of 1.5 hours each, held between April and June 2017. The first webinar is 19th April 2017.

Go to our website for more information and to register for the webinars:

Location: You can login from anwhere with an internet connection to join the webinars.

Presenters: GOFC-GOLD, GFOI, FAO UN REDD, WB FCPF, Winrock International, Wageningen University, Boston University, and others to be confirmed.

Organizers: GOFC-GOLD and World Bank FCPF

Please circultate to those who may be interested in this announcement.

Sarah Carter
Contact for GOFC-GOLD REDD+ MRV capacity building activities
Wageningen University
Email: /