Call for Applications: 5th Global Environments Summer Academy

The Global Diversity Foundation is pleased to announce GESA 2015: the 5th Global Environments Summer Academy, to be held in collaboration with the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) at the University of Bern, between 27 July and 14 August 2015.

The academy convenors will select 18-21 activists, professionals or students from around the world with the capacity to become future environmental leaders who impact academia, civil society, the private sector or government. The Academy invites applications from English-fluent candidates in the arts and humanities, natural sciences and social sciences – as well as those working in advocacy, law, media or policy – who focus on the relationship between environment and society.

The cost of the academy is €2000, inclusive of accommodation, tuition, field trips, insurance and materials, but excluding local and international travel, meals and other living costs. Participants are expected to independently secure funding to cover all expenses through academic scholarships, crowdsourcing, personal funds, employer support, government grants or travel grants. A few partial fee waivers may be available, based on demonstrated need.

Candidates are invited to complete the application form and upload their CV before 15 January 2015. Please note there is a two-stage application process for GESA 2015. For more information, see the Call for Applications and Important Dates.

Since 2011, GDF has organised GESA to broaden and deepen the knowledge, networking and communication skills of activists, postgraduate students and professionals who are concerned about the human dimensions of environmental challenges. The Academy spans local to global scales and diverse ecosystems, exploring the most critical contemporary environmental issues from multiple perspectives including biocultural diversity, environmental history, political ecology, sustainability studies and personal activism. Accompanied by international and multidisciplinary resource people, participants are encouraged to expand their understandings of policy, develop academic insights and competence, and transcend disciplinary and place-based boundaries. Resource persons and fellow participants offer personalised support in applied research, conceptual frameworks, fieldwork methods and practical action throughout the course.

More information is available at here. The application form is online at through 15 January 2015.