START’s Regional Structures

The International START Secretariat, located in Washington, DC USA, coordinates START programs and activities. Secretariat staff collaborate with representatives from a system of regionally based centers and affiliated partner institutions in Africa and Asia-Pacific to carry out joint initiatives and advance common goals. START and regional partners align themselves on the basis of complementary skills, expertise and interests, which they bring together for sustained and consistently productive engagement. START’s activities within each region are overseen by regional committees composed of scientists and members of national and regional bodies.

START believes that pursuing such relationships with a distributed system of active regional centers and affiliates enable it to strengthen partnerships, innovate needs-driven programming and expand implementation capacities and local legitimacy in the regions in which it works. The dynamism and flexibility of the approach allows START and its partners to be nimble in their responsiveness to emerging needs and questions, strategically positioning themselves as ready to take on new roles, responsibilities and challenges.

START’s Regional Centers and Affiliates


START Regional Node for Climate Modeling and Downscaling
Prof. Bruce Hewitson
University of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

START Regional Node for Wetlands and Coastal Zone Management
Prof. Chris Gordon
University of Ghana-Legon, GHANA

Southeast Asia

START Southeast Asia Regional Research Center
Dr. Penjai Sompongchaiyakul, Director
Chulawich 1 Building, 5th Floor
Chulalongkorn University
Henri Dunant Road
Bangkok 10330, THAILAND
Tel: +(66 8) 2218 9465
Fax: +(66 2) 251 9416
For more information, please visit

Southeast Asia Regional Committee Secretariat (SARCS)
Ho Ching Li, Chair
National Central University
Chung-Li, TAIWAN
Phone: (+886 3) 422 8885
Fax: (+886 3) 422 8884
For more information, please visit

Temperate East Asia

START Temperate East Asia Regional Center
Gensuo Jia, Director
Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
40 Huayanli, Beijing 100029, China
Phone: (+86 10) 82995314
For more information, please visit